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Nowadays social networking sites are filled with cliche people. I miss those days when people didn't know how to use facebook properly. Almost every day I encounter something cliche on facebook. Facebook is for social networking, not social attention seeking. Before making a blog post, people usually do research on the topic for at least a day. But for this topic all my research was over in 5-10 min. My news feed is filled with a lot of cliche stuff. In this post, i will share some of the most cliche and annoying things people do on facebook.

Facebook these days has become a platform for all the annoying people to do what they do best. It has got to stop. Because I don't want to find something annoying every time I open up facebook. I want to use it for connecting with people. Not get annoyed.

So here is a list of some of the cliche and annoying things people do on facebook. I have not covered all of them because then it would take forever for me to write this post. These are only a few of the many things. They are not in any chronological order, just a random order.

List of cliche and annoying things on facebook:

  1. Game/app requests: One should understand that I don't want to play candy crush if I haven't accepted the request the last 50,000 times! Everyday I some or the other request from some random person that I barely speak to. They probably think “I don't speak to him anyway, so there is no harm in sending him a request and trying my luck”. It's not only candy crush, there is Farmville, “Find out your secret crush”, “See who is stalking your profile” and lots more. For the thousandth time, those apps don't work!

  1. Meaningless status updates: I have seen a lot of people updating their status as a long and stupid quotes. I mean, do you realize that it says “What's on your mind” before typing into the text box. If all
    Stupid and meaningless status updates on facebook
    this is on your mind, then you have a sad life. Most of them are just copied and pasted. I don't think they most of them even understand what it means. It's fine to quote someone's words, but you have to mention their name. You should not claim it as yours. If they see any nice quote online then *copy + c >> copy + v *. Or sometimes people even google “cool quotes” just to update their status.

  1. Tagging people in pictures they are not in: This is one of the most pissing off things on facebook. When I see a notification, I get excited. When I see that I am tagged in a photo, I get even more excited. But when I find out the I was tagged on a picture of food, new phones, new cars, someone else, or a quote again, it really gets on my nerve. I really don't know what the point of this is. If you want to notify someone something, MESSAGE THEM, NOT TAG THEM!!. The most embarrassing time is when you get tagged in somebody's selfie. That too a bad one. All your friends think you have turned into something ugly.

  1. Mirror selfies: Selfie to some extant is tolerable. But mirror selfies are just too cliche. If you want to take a picture of yourself, use the front camera, or turn your phone or your camera around and take one. The mirror selfie  has become too cliche. Especially if the flash of the camera is on. The flash will just screw the picture up. If you don't mind looking like you are in an explosion, then go ahead and do it. But don't upload them for god sake. People see it. Most of these pictures are taken in restrooms. Use the restrooms for what they built for, use facebook for what it is built for.

  1. Status updates that are a cliffhanger hanger: Some people update their status like this “Its all over”, “Why me!!!”, “Come back to me” etc. If you really want to know the answers to these questions,
    Facebook status updates that are cliche
    then tell the whole story. Oh and tell it to a therapist and don't update it as your status. This is a really desperate way to get attention on facebook. But there are people who actually respond to this. They randomly like that status Or say “ OMG what happened, are you ok ? “ and stuff like that.

  1. Typng lik dis : Some people think it is “kewl” to typ lik dis. But it's really not. This kind of typing started to make typing easier and faster. Not to screw up your facebook status. In fact, it is actually quite hard to understand it sometimes. It's like deciphering a code. So all you fellow “kelw dudes” out there, it s rely knot kewl 2 typ like dis.

  1. The event invites: Just like game invites, event inviting are another cliche thing people do. There are people who just select all their friends and click send invite. Why do you do that? Select people who might actually be interested. Or make real friends. It's not like everybody will show up or something. It's not like its an event made for all the people you just invited. So think before you just invite. Do some work, select the friends manually, don't select all.

  1. Like my status: “like my status and I will inbox you a name and comment something about that person”. Really??. Is that what's on your mind?? Get a life. I wonder if people actually have that much free time. This is another way to grab some attention on facebook. ALS ICE BUCKET challenge has also become a bit of a cliche. If you have a choice between donating a $100 and making a stupid video, then what would you rather choose? Some people do this also for getting attention.

All this has to stop. It is true that people use social networking sites to market their products. But seeking attention is another thing. So I hope you like this list of cliche and annoying things people do on facebook. If you think I have missed on anything, please comment below. I hope you enjoyed this list, as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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